• See what is left behind by Trevor Brown in Residual at Pratt
  • Trevor Brown @ Brooklyn Public Library
  • Patterns and Their Place Within Systems with Trevor Brown at Myrtle Windows Gallery
  • Trevor Brown is Out of Line at Prak-sis Gallery
  • FAC presents When Images Deceive, Hide and Tell a Story with two works by Trevor Brown
  • Trevor Brown’s First Annual Studio Sale
  • MoCada presents Le Projet Noveau with 5 works from Trevor Brown
  • Rush Arts Gallery presents Sculpted Memory with 8 new works from Trevor Brown
  • Trevor Celebrates the African Diaspora in Brooklyn @ Z Space Gallery
  • Trevor Represents Brooklyn @ The Rising Art Gallery
  1. Word Up! Trevor gets schooled at St Joseph’s College
  2. Trevor Brown is at The Stoop Gallery
  3. Help Trevor Save SUMMER @ SONYA”
  4. Trevor is in Love: The Good, The Bad, and the Abstract
  5. Trevor Brown working out at Brooklyn Artist Gym
  6. Trevor Brown @ Z Space Gallery
  7. Trevor Brown @ Brooklyn Public Library
  8. The textures of Belize
  9. Name That Photo Contest
  10. SUMMER is not over!
  11. Trevor Brown at Uprising People Gallery
  12. Trevor Brown is on The Brooklyn Show
  13. Trevor Brown is in Brooklyn’s windows
  14. Awfully Beautiful
  15. Trevor Brown Represents Brooklyn
  16. Solo Exhibition: Ordinary Wonderful
  17. Bits & Pieces
  18. Symbiosis
  19. Elements of Inspiration
  20. The Guys We Would Fuck
  21. Brooklyn Musueum
  22. Brooklyn Rises