Learn Paint By Numbers As A Hobby For Adults

Paint By Numbers

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Painting by numbers is an art form and acts as a stress booster amongst people of all ages. It not only enhances creativity, but also helps the mind in conceptual visualization. Samantha who is the CEO of a very reputed IT organization claims to find relief painting by numbers when she is stressed.

Stress is the major causes of ill health today, and there is no denying that people deal with it to some extent. Samantha claims that her therapist says there are many advantages to having painting by numbers as a hobby. It fosters creative growth amongst people of all ages. It also stimulates the working of both the brains and helps people to become focused. Painting doesn’t need to be professional it can be pursued as a hobby when stressed.

Samantha said that her therapist says people who spend time on drawing, have less chance of memory loss due to old age. painting is a way to express your feelings and emotions without the use of words, it is very good for introvert people, as it helps them to overcome shyness and let social reservations go off. Not only amongst old people, but painting with kids also helps in enhancing motor skills. Children with painting as a hobby, are good at problem solving.

Samantha suggests one must take up paint by numbers as a hobby as it is one of the most positive ways to vent out the hunger. One can watch videos on paint by numbers to learn how it can be easily done, without having professional skills in painting. The supplies, kits for paint by numbers and puzzles are easily available online with a wide variety to select from.

Advantages of paint by numbers

For this we have to know what is paint by numbers, it is a system in which the paint book is divided into a lot of numbers, and each shape of the painting gives a separate number. One has to follow the numbers and paint the boxes which  ultimately leads to the end of completion of the painting. The artists claim it to be uncreative sometimes, but for professionals like Samantha, it is very good to cope with stress in an emotionally fulfilling way. Experimenting with different paint forms helps you understand the concept of color and it also creates a very positive mindset among people. Samantha also encourages her staff to engage in painting as it is very aesthetically pleasing the painting by numbers kitmay contain acrylic or oil paints as they are very common. If you are a beginner and want to take up painting as a hobby, you should go for acrylic as they dry up easily.

Advantages of paint by numbers in adults

  • Acts as a stress buster

When you enter the corporate world, there are many problems that you encounter, people might take up bad habits to cope with that, but painting by numbers is an effective way in which people can work upon their stress. It is an artistic way to deal with their work life stress, thus improving overall mental health. A person can thus have a healthier lifestyle with painting. It also helps you to create something beautiful when you are stressed. This is an artistic pursuit, that lets go of the pressure and unwind your mind.

  • Optimistic mind using paint by numbers

One gets a more optimistic approach to life when indulged in painting, as it acts as anti depressant and brings out the creativity within you. It boosts self-esteem and it helps people to reach new skills with efforts. Painting by numbers creates a positive impact on the minds reducing emotional negativity.

  • Emotional growth is enhanced

Painting by numbers is a process in which artists can pour out their heart. Releasing stress in an artistic sense is a healing therapy in itself. Painting by numbers is done not only by professionals but also amateurs. Painting enhances the feeling of purpose in life and in many hospitals and nursing homes there are provisions of art classes to help people cope with mental baggage.

  • Developments of motor skills

Painting by numbers not only enhance creativity, but also improves the coordination between hand and brain. Handling paintbrush by hand gives you a sense of control and thus enhances your control over the paintbrush. The artistic implementation is enhanced by painting, even when you are grown up. Also, thinking out of the box starts getting easier and painting as a hobby enhances the motor skills of fingers and hands.

  • Optimistic attitude is developed
  • By painting as a hobby you create beautiful things which make you optimistic towards life and helping you stay stress free.
  • Painting by numbers creates an environment which is a safe to explore your creativity. It keeps negative emotions aside and helps you gain happiness and pride in the work.
  • Strengths memory

Painting involves conceptualizing visualization, that sharpens the mind and boosts memory skills. It also, lessens the chance of having memory loss at an older age. Later, one may want to sell some of their artwork or paint by numbersas a hobby or sell it on Etsy. There are many hobby painters who are very famous for selling their quality paintings and art.

Tips on successfully  painting  by numbers

When you try paint by numbers as a beginner, there are a lot of things that needs to be taken care of. Initially, one must go for painting larger areas using bigger brushes and later one can opt for lighter brushes. One can easily go for the darkest shade around the edges and always keep a jar of clean water handy and a cloth so that your painting doesn’t turn out to be messy. Also, be patient with your paintbrush and make sure not to mess with the hair of your paintbrush. Apply pressure gently on the paper and glide slowly through the surface as smooth as sailing, and have a stress free creative time.

Now, whenever you are stressed, you can indulge in the painting by numbers and get a stress free life. We sellpaint by numbersand those who are not into a painting can also get into this hobby and paint as a stress buster. You who are the reviews given on our website to see how it helps people like Samantha in their regular life, to deal with the stress.

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