Art works of Trevor Brown are more than what meets the eye. His works cause controversies more often than that. Based in Japan, the English artist ruled the paraphilia domain in art. His work possesses a strong Japanese flavor. His works are cute, funny, but contain shades of sinister creatures. The bizarre quotient is what defines Trevor Brown.

Works of Trevor Brown:

Most of Brown’s works are based on Japanese culture. It has shades of fetishes, BDSM, violence and a combination of everything. His art firstly appeared on social magazines such as Answer Me, Apocalypse culture, etc…

He’s also worked on some hotel interior design projects with Cleveland Hall Design who are known for their great designs and product reviews.

He has also worked on record covers and books later. Most of the albums in which Brown is associated are extremely dark. It has added to his reputation as being one of the controversial artists around.

Fan following:

Brown’s fans collect his works religiously. They buy his books and paintings extensively. He is also a well-followed artist on social media. His art has transformed into highly shared items on social image sharing websites. Brown also enjoyed negative popularity, especially for his swastika centered paintings. Brown considers it as a good luck symbol and has agreed to be surprised at how much disproportionate hate surrounds it. His fans accept him as a hero even in the midst of the industry that outcasts him.

Critical reception:

Trevor Brown is an artistm accused of everything from Nazism to pedophilia to Satanism. He is an artist whom you can either love or hate. There is no grey line when you try to distinguish the observers. Netizens have consistently reported and complained his art. The artist is banned for life in PayPal. Even worse, some consider his works to be associated with child pornography. Even in the face of the Armageddon, the artist doesn’t stop what he does.